In 2017 there were an estimated 907 Health Care Insurance companies. Most people can only recall 6-10 of them. United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana to name a few.

Therefore, looking for the plan that is right for an individual is so difficult and frustrating that most people settle on a Health Care plan than getting the correct plan for their needs. That’s where Remington Insurance Brokers comes in.

At RIB we have one job to do all year long which is to stay current with the changes in policies and benefits with regards to co-pays, hospital visits, dental, hearing aids, ambulance, home care and more with the top insurance carriers in the nation. That is why we say…

“You don’t have to do it alone”

We will do it for you. Because we are brokers and not in-house representatives. RIB can research all the options that are available to you and find the right solution to your unique needs. Based on doctors in network, specialist, and prescription drugs.

With a free, in person or over the phone, 23-minute consultation, RIB will be able to research all available plans and discover the plan that is right for you.


Remington Insurance Brokers was formed by Karen and Peter Remington. Changes are happening on regular basis in all industries and insurance is no different. The RIB Broker Partners have over 1000 years of experience in HealthCare, Medicare, Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Corporate Insurance and Property and Casualty.

As the workforce gets older with more and more people working past 65 years old, determining when to start taking Medicare over the company plan has become even more confusing for the employee and the employer. RIB determined there’s a need to have top-level experience in the insurance industry at the household and company level.

RIB understands that individuals and companies deserve to have in-person calls with an unbiased knowledge of the industry with access to 15 of the top insurance providers to choose from.


Remington Insurance Brokers provides unbiased consultation to individuals and companies by customizing solutions that meet their unique needs.

Remington Insurance Brokers is dedicated to working with our clients until they are completely satisfied with their chosen plan.

Remington Insurance Brokers is dedicated to continuous education to provide its client with the latest industry improvements, regulations, and standards.

Remington Insurance Brokers is dedicated to our clients, their family, their employees, and their employees’ family.

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